Electric Cars

We have partnered with Chargemaster and Polar Network to provide a dual EV Charging Point at the Hotel.






Chargemaster electrifies London with expansion of POLAR network


  • Over 70 rapid chargers within the M25 accessible by electric vehicle drivers using the POLAR network
  • POLAR has 18 rapid chargers within two miles of the M25, covering half of all junctions on the orbital motorway
  • Rapid charging enables zero-emission motoring for drivers who do not have off-street parking


The UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network, POLAR, now has 70 rapid chargers within the M25 to provide quick and convenient charging for electric vehicle drivers, particularly those without off-street parking, and those driving in to and out of the capital.

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·         5th March 2018

EV charging infrastructure to keep pace with UK electric…


  • Electric car parc in the UK expected to grow to over 500,000 by 2020 and 8 million by 2030
  • Around 70,000 charging points expected by 2020 and over 500,000 forecasted by 2030
  • Chargemaster to invest £50m in expansion of POLAR charging network in next two years


Consumers can be confident that the array of new electric cars unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show will be supported by a rapidly expanding number of home, workplace and public charging points.

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·         2nd March 2018

One million public EV charging sessions per year by…


  • Over one million charges per year on the public POLAR EV charging network by 2020
  • Around 11 million annual charges on Chargemaster home and workplace units by 2020
  • POLAR network to have around 25,000 charging points across the UK in next three years
  • Chargemaster predicts over 500,000 electric cars on UK roads by 2020


Chargemaster, the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider, forecasts that it will see over one million public charging sessions per year on its POLAR network by 2020, but with most EV charging still happening at home, with around 11 million annual charging sessions expected on its UK-made home and workplace charging points.

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·         28th February 2018

Refer a Friend to POLAR plus


Have a friend interested in becoming a POLAR plus member? Well starting this month, when you refer a friend to join POLAR plus, both you and your friend will have £10 credit added to each of your accounts.

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·         10th February 2018

Chargemaster partners with pluginsure



Established in 2006 as the original electric car insurance specialists, pluginsure is now the exclusive provider of a bespoke electric car insurance policy from the UK’s third largest motor insurer, Ageas.

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·         7th February 2018

Chargemaster set to expand POLAR network with 2,000 new…


  • Around 400 rapid chargers and 1,600 fast chargers to be added to the POLAR network this year
  • Chargemaster installed 33 rapid chargers on the POLAR network in January
  • POLAR members can already use over 6,500 charging points across the UK, many of which are free to use


Chargemaster is increasing the rate of rollout of the POLAR national charging network, the UK’s largest public charging network, by adding 2,000 new charging points in 2018, including around 400 rapid chargers.

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·         20th January 2018

IHG offers EV drivers a warm welcome


More than 30 Ultracharge rapid chargers on the POLAR network have been installed at IHG hotels across the UK, including at Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza and Staybridge Suites locations.

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·         17th January 2018

UK on course for 60% of new cars to…

  • Chargemaster forecasts one million electric cars on UK roads by 2022
  • Current growth in registrations would see 60% of new cars being electric by 2030
  • More than 30 new electric models coming to market by 2020 giving consumers choice
  • Charging infrastructure keeping pace with growth of the electric car market


The UK is already on course to meet the target from the Committee on Climate Change for three-fifths of new cars to be electric by 2030, according to Chargemaster, which is closely monitoring the uptake of plug-in vehicles.

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·         10th January 2018

UK’s largest EV charging network grows faster than all…


  • More rapid chargers added to POLAR in 2017 than all other UK networks combined
  • Multi-million pound investment grew rapid charging network to become UK’s largest
  • For all charger types, over 43% of new points were added to the POLAR network


POLAR, the UK’s largest electric vehicle public charging network, added more rapid chargers in 2017 than every other UK-wide public charging network combined – representing 51% of the total number installed across the country.

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·         9th January 2018

Ultracharge installed at Holiday Inn Maidstone



Holiday Inn Maidstone have installed a brand new Ultracharge rapid charger, joining the range of units now available at their sites across the country.

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